Shake It!
Always wanted to be an expert in shaking cocktails and drink them right away? There are two awesome cocktail boxes available that contain all the ingredients for 3 premium cocktails for two people. Also including a stainless steel cocktail shaker and we ensure glassware and ice cubes are ready in the villa. Under the guidance of a professional instruction video, the most beautiful cocktails can be shaken.

This unique experience can now be booked with your upcoming stay! The box costs €85,00 and can be reserved by sending an email to

The cocktail boxes can be ordered up to three days before your stay.
Cocktail boxes
Girls Night Out
This Girls Night Out box has been put together especially for friends. The box consists of three great cocktails and guarantees a fun afternoon or evening! The Girls Night Out box consist of the following cocktails:

Cocktail 1 is not only easy on the eyes but also tastes delicious! The name of the cocktail is On Cloud Nine which is garnished with cotton candy. Sweet! This pink complex cocktail has all the ingredients to make it look fabulous.

Cocktail 2 is the Liqor 43 Cuarenta Y Tres Sour. The Spanish liqueur is the basis for this fruity but sour cocktail. Maybe you are already familiar with the Whiskey sour? Then this 43 sour is definitely worth a try!

Cocktail 3 is the well-known Pornstar Martini. This elegant cocktail doesn’t only look chic, but also tastes delicious. The pure and sweer taste of passion fruit guarantees a taste explosion.
Three classics have been put together in this Favourites cocktail box. All three cocktails have their own main ingredient: gin, vodka or rum is the basis of the cocktail. The Favourite box consists of:

Cocktail 1 is the Tom Collins Cocktail. This cocktail is based on gin and lemon and provides a fresh taste. Did you know that the original Tom Collins was made with jenever? This later was replaces by Old Tom Gin and hence its name.

Cocktail 2 is the well-know Mai Tai. This cocktail is based on rum and is served in a whiskey glass. This Tiki-cocktail is a cheerful cocktail that can be prepared in many ways.

Just like in the Girls Night Out box, cocktail 3 is the Pornstar Martini. This all-time favourite is a pleasure to drink for both men and women. This sweet cocktail is the ideal end to a unique cocktail experience.