House rules Haven Lake Village
These general terms of conditions and additional house rules are part of the agreement between the tenant (you) and Haven Lake Village. By making a reservation, you declare that you have read the general terms of conditions and house rules and you agree to these terms and conditions. Haven Lake Village is also a member of the association of recreational entrepreneurs in the Netherlands RECRON. If varying messages are stated in the terms of conditions, the general terms of conditions and the house rules of Haven Lake Village will prevail over the RECRON general terms and conditions.

Haven Lake Village is not responsible for:

1.1 Any disruption, modification or prevention of the tenant’s stay if this is the result of unforeseen and/or insurmountable events.

1.2 Inconvenience caused by the work of third parties such as the municipality, province and
government institutions.

1.3 Injuries to the tenant during the stay in the rented property and around the grounds

1.4 Loss, theft and damage of/to personal property or vehicles belonging to the renter

1.5 Interruption of utilities (water, electricity and WI-FI)

2.1 You are most welcome in one of the beautiful water villa’s. We offer you an unforgettable and relaxing stay and ask you to observe the rules and respect the environments as a whole.

2.2 On arrival at the villa we ask you to take off your shoes, you will not get cold feet, our villas have a heated floor in every room.

2.3 It is possible that- without being able to do anything about it- something breaks in the villa you have rented. No problem. You simply report the damage to the reception, preferably as
soon as possible, but no later than the moment you check out.

This gives Haven Lake Village the opportunity to repair the damage immediately for yourself and the next tenant. Haven
Lake Village will then handle the damage for you as soon as possible. The aim to ensure that your liability insurance or guarantee needs to be called upon as little as possible so that you
only have beautiful memories of your stay. If you come across other issues, we would also like to hear about this.

2.4 The villas are cleaned once a week for stays longer than seven days. If you want an extra cleaning of the villa, you can make this known to one of the reception staff. The villas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each stay.

2.5 You must treat the house properly yourself and can use the available cleaning products for this. The use of other cleaning agents is not permitted. All items that you use must be
returned clean.

2.6 Pets are not allowed inside or around the villa’s.

2.7 It is not allowed to smoke inside or around the villa. It is also not allowed to throw cigarettes on the ground or in the water. We ask you to deposit the cigarettes in the designated ashtrays and pillars. The use of e-cigarettes and shisha is not allowed.

2.8 When playing or making music, please take into account that the music is not disturbingly audible outside the villa. After 22:00 it is no longer allowed to listen to music. Bringing your own music equipment is not allowed.

2.9 Barbecuing and open fire is strictly prohibited in and around the villa.

2.10 It is not allowed to use other cooking devices than the induction plate present in the kitchen. So gourmet, deep-frying, cheese fondue and other baking trays are not allowed.

2.11 You can temporarily park in front of the house to load and unload. If you want to park longer, you can do so in the designated parking spaces in the parking lot. (parking max. 2 cars)

2.12 The internal regulations also apply to guests you receive in the villa. Visitors are not allowed to spend the night in the villa without our prior permission.

2.13 It is not allowed to organize parties or parties in the broadest sense of the word.

2.14 The linen in the villa is professionally cleaned. If you would like more linen, you can indicate this to one of the reception staff before or during check-in. It is not allowed to use the linen
other than for which it is intended. It is also not allowed to take linen outside the villa.

2.15 Indoor furniture must also remain inside the villa. It is not allowed to take it outside.

2.16 Garbage can be deposited in the designated rubbish bins outside. You can find these behind the shed next to the house. Here is a PMD bin for plastic and packaging material and a
residual waste bin.

2.17 Hanging decorations using tape, double sides tape, nails or pins are not permitted. The use of confetti/crepe paper, etc. is also not allowed. If you have something to celebrate, you can
have it taken care of by Haven Lake Village.

2.18 Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry. It is not allowed to possess or use drugs/laughing gas or other narcotics. In the event of an established violation, the found goods will be confiscated and the person in question will be requested to leave the villa. It is not allowed to bring prohibited items.

2.19 At check-out, we ask to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, the machine does not have to be on.

2.20 If the house rules are not observed, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures and to settle any costs resulting from this in whole or in part by means of the deposit.

2.21 The water villas are located on a harbor. The scaffolding around the villa is expressly not intended for jumping or diving from it. It is not allowed to swim in the harbor.

3.1 Haven Lake Village only accepts reservations from persons who are 21 years or older. Reservations under the age of 21 are therefore not valid.

3.2 The villas of Haven Lake Village are exclusively intended for a maximum of four persons to spend the night. The person(s) accompanying the tenant as guests are welcome from 10:00 AM
en must leave at 22:00 PM. The maximum number of guests that are allowed in the villa are six. Haven Lake Village reserves the right to refuse guests without reason. Group formation with a festive character is not allowed toward maintaining peace and quiet at
the resort. Organizing club outings, student parties, bachelor parties and other group formations with a festive character are therefore not permitted without consultation with Haven Lake

3.3 Haven Lake Village reserves the right, without giving reasons, to refuse non-standard reservations, especially groups, or to impose special conditions on them.

3.4 An agreement is established between you and Haven Lake Village when Haven Lake Village has confirmed the reservation to you.

3.5 The agreement concerns rental of the accommodations and/or other facilities for recreative use, which is short-lived in nature.

3.6 Haven Lake Village reserves the right to change the reservation to a different villa when

4.1 You owe Haven Lake Village the agreed rent, as stated in the confirmation and the invoice of the reservation.

4.2 Price discounts and/or special offers can no longer be used if the booking confirmation or invoice has been sent by Haven Lake Village.

4.3 All prices are, where applicable, inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

4.4 Haven Lake Village reserves the right to increase prices as a result of interim amendments to statutory regulations or provisions (including, but not limited to VAT, tourist tax, insurance tax) over which Haven Lake Village has no influence.

5.1 You/the tenant, in addition to the rent, also owe tourist tax, nature management contribution, cleaning and service costs. These costs are included in the price as mentioned on
the website.

5.2 The tourist tax contribution is determined by the relevant municipality of the location of the resort. You/the tenant shall pay to Haven Lake Village at all times the rate of tourist tax established by the municipality in question.

5.3 The rent is based on an average consumption of water and electricity. If appears that this consumption, through the fault of the tenant, is higher than average, Haven Lake Village can pass
on these costs to the renter.

6.1 At the time of reservation, an advance payment of 100% of the amount is required, unless otherwise agreed with Haven Lake Village.

6.2 The amount of the rental fee must be received by Haven Lake Village no later than 2 weeks before the day of commencement of the stay at Haven Lake Village as stated in the confirmation
of reservation.

6.3 If upon arrival at the resort is appears that the amount has not yet been credited (in full) to Haven Lake Village’s bank account, you must still pay the (remainder of the) amount on the sport. Failure to in accordance with the foregoing may result in Haven Lake Village denying you the use of the accommodation and/or other facilities. If later it should appear that a payment order was given by you, but the amount had not been credited to the bank account of Haven Lake Village upon arrival, then a refund of the excess payment will be made afterwards.

6.4 In the event of late payment of the invoiced amount to you, you are immediately after expiry of the term for payment in default. If (timely) payment is not forthcoming, Haven Lake Village is
entitles to dissolve (cancel) the agreement. You are liable for all damages that Haven Lake Village incurred or to be incurred as result, including all costs incurred by Haven Lake Village in
connection with you reservation and cancellation fee per accommodation. In this case, the provisions of article 9 shall apply.

6.5 Haven Lake Village always has the right to claim against you for whatever reason against the
amounts paid by you.

6.6 At arrival you are obligated to pay a deposit of 300 euro. The deposit can be paid by cash or by debit card and will be, upon approval of the villa, refunded after your stay.

7. Arrival and departure
7.1 The rented accommodation can be occupied on the agreed day of arrival as stated on the booking conformation, between 3:00 pm and 8:30pm. On the agreed day of departure as stated on the reservation conformation, you must leave the villa between 9:00am and 11:00 am.

7.2 If you like to continue the agreement with Haven Lake Village for longer than the agreed duration and Haven Lake Village agrees, Haven Lake village is always entitled to designate
another accommodation.

7.3 If the use of the accommodation is terminated earlier than on the agreed date stated on the confirmation of the reservation, the tenant has no right to a refund of (part of) the rental prince
and/or costs by Haven Lake Village. If you have travel insurance and you meet the conditions set by the conditions set by the insurance company, you can submit a claim for damage on account
of earlier termination of your stay directly to the insurance company.

8.1 At arrival you are obligated to pay a deposit of 300 euro per accommodation per claim. If the circumstances cause (e.g. groups) the required security deposit by Haven Lake Village can be

8.2 The deposit serves to guarantee damage and/or costs – in the broadest sense of the word the word that Haven Lake Village may suffer for failure to fulfill its obligations tenant/user and the person accompanying the tenant.

8.3 In case the deposit is not paid immediately, Haven Lake Village is entitled to deny the tenant and/ or others access to the accommodation.

8.4 If you fail to pay the deposit, Haven Lake Village is entitled to dissolve (cancel) the agreement immediately.

8.5 The deposit or any remainder thereof will be paid after settlement of claims (damage to inventory/accommodation and/or other costs) of Haven Lake Village on the tenant and/or users
refunded. Any (further) claims to compensation will not be nullified by this refund.

9.1 If a reservation is cancelled, cancellation costs are due. The amounts depend on the date of
cancellation versus the date of arrival and are as followed:
 In case of cancellation more than two months before the commencement date, 15% of
the agreed price is due.
 In case of cancellation more than two to one month before commencement date, 50% of
the agreed price is due.
 In case of cancellation between four to two weeks before commencement date, 75% of
the agreed price is due.
 In case of cancellation within two weeks of commencement date, 100% of the agreed
price is due.

9.2 If you haven’t arrived within 24 hours of the agreed date without further notice, this will be considered as a cancellation. In that case the total agreed amount is due. We try to make your stay in the water villas as pleasant as possible. If you nevertheless come across any imperfections, we would like to hear about it. We wish you a pleasant stay in one of our
luxurious villas!